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Sai Ying Pun Residence, Hong Kong

The brief was to provide a modern, clean, cool approach to this apartment inside an industrial building. Chevron timber flooring is installed throughout the apartment. In the kitchen area the same design continues, but in a grey Italian tiles. All architectural details have clean, sleek edges to reflect a contemporary design. The colors are predominately petrol blue, grey and white. 

In order to help create a distinct separation between the Public and Private areas we applied colour theory. A calming green has been applied in the Master Suite and private bathrooms, while an energetic blue is used in the Entertainment spaces- the kitchen and living room. 

We were delighted to have this residential project featured in the November issue of ELLE magazine. The EM Bespoke team worked closely with photographer Vincent Ma and stytlist Esther Van Wijck to ensure that the design was brought to life in the photos.

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