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SOHO Residence, Hong Kong

Anyone who has lived in Hong Kong for a length of time understands the importance of utilizing every inch of space in our relatively small homes. With the average apartment size coming in at around 430 sq ft, interior designers are constantly developing new ways of looking at space and thinking outside the box for ways to make spaces feel larger. EM Bespoke founder, Emma Maclean, recently found an apartment through Habitat Properties that provided her with an opportunity to put these ideas into action. 


As someone who likes to entertain and work from home, the round dining table is very much the focal point and heart of Emma's home. Installing three large custom mirrors in this space not only opens up the room, but also allows natural light to flood the space. Additional space-saving design elements include a custom-made shoe cabinet at the entrance, that doubles as place to lean artwork, accessories, and keep-sakes as well integrating all appliances in the compact open kitchen. The second bedroom's sofa converts into a bedroom and the wall mounted hooks above it provide bike storage.  

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