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Services at EM Bespoke 

At EM Bespoke, we offer a wide range of interior design services including:

1. Full scope projects from concept to completion

2. Furniture, lighting and material selections and specifications

3. Accessorising and styling

4. Project management

5. Office expansion/contraction and relocation

6. Graphic design and branding guidance and proposals

We have a strong network of suppliers and partners across Asia to help us source the best furniture, lighting, wall coverings and accessories for your project. We can propose custom as well as off the shelf solutions in a wide range of budgets.  

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Our deliverables follow a four-phase process, of which we can tailor and specify according to each individual client and project needs.


1. Concept

2. Design Development  

3. Documentation

4. Construction

We constantly strive to provide the best design solutions for your project, and also welcome collaborations with architects and interior designers.

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